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Views until June 2015 for desktop come from and include bot pageviews, while those from July 2015 are from the Wikimedia REST API and exclude identifiable bots and spiders (but may still end up counting many views by bots and spiders as legitimate human views). Views for mobile web, mobile app, desktop spider, and mobile web spider are from the Wikimedia REST API and available starting July 2015. Mobile web and mobile app views from July 2015 onward exclude identifiable bots, and "desktop spider" and "mobile web spider" are basically all the bots/spiders (excluding Wikipedia's own, which get identified as bots).

Please list the Wikipedia page names that you want to add to the tag. Please include only page names, not full URLs.

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More on page names: The page name is the name that appears at the top of the Wikipedia page. For instance, Albert Einstein is the page name for the English Wikipedia page with URL

Sample usage: Suppose you want to compare the web traffic that the English Wikipedia pages on Timeline of Facebook, Timeline of Twitter, and Timeline of Google Search received in March 2014. Then, you will enter the following in the text area:

Timeline of Facebook
Timeline of Twitter
Timeline of Google Search

You will then select the month "201403 (March 2014)" from the dropdown in front of "Enter the month for which you want to view statistics" and then you will click the "Submit" button.