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Recently queried pages

Page name Language Status of fetching view counts Lifetime desktop views (computed so far) Tags
No Tengo Nada en complete 432 2018 songs
Kanga (song) en complete 4040 2018 songs
Just Say When en complete 1902 2018 songs
Hair Too Long (The Vamps song) en complete 899 2018 songs
Gucci Flip Flops en complete 4657 2018 songs
Grip (song) en complete 421 2018 songs
Gringo (Shatta Wale song) en complete 404 2018 songs
Greatest (Eminem song) en complete 1883 2018 songs
Graffiti (Chvrches song) en complete 206 2018 songs
Good Years en complete 133 2018 songs
Good as You en complete 3078 2018 songs
Gonna Love Me en complete 189 2018 songs
Goku (song) en complete 1325 2018 songs
Going Bad en complete 11365 2018 songs
God Only Knows (For King & Country song) en complete 2857 2018 songs
Give Me My Name Back en complete 523 2018 songs
Gioventù bruciata (song) en complete 711 2018 songs
Gimme the Loot (Big Baby Tape song) en complete 170 2018 songs
Get Enough (Paul McCartney song) en complete 7965 2018 songs
Futon Couch (song) en complete 2355 2018 songs
Dance Monkey en complete 528 2018 songs
Agen Wida en complete 1167 2018 songs
After All (All Saints song) en complete 614 2018 songs
Advice (song) en complete 2843 2018 songs
Adictiva en complete 835 2018 songs
Adán y Eva en complete 1719 2018 songs
Act Up (song) en complete 9214 2018 songs
Acadele en complete 982 2018 songs
Aankh Maarey en complete 474 2018 songs
A No No en complete 34667 2018 songs
A Lot (song) en complete 23681 2018 songs
500 PS en complete 992 2018 songs
5 More Days 'Til Summer en complete 1138 2018 songs
3 Nights en complete 4010 2018 songs
2009 (song) en complete 122 2018 songs
200 MPH (song) en complete 150 2018 songs
1998 Truman en complete 667 2018 songs
$$$ (song) en complete 244 2018 songs
(It Happens) Sometimes en complete 966 2018 songs
Zusammen (song) en complete 2234 2018 songs
Zombie Bastards en complete 3255 2018 songs
Zero One (song) en complete 126 2018 songs
Zero (Imagine Dragons song) en complete 14436 2018 songs
Wherever I Go (Dan Bremnes song) en complete 289 2018 songs
Whenever (song) en complete 546 2018 songs
Time to Give en complete 830 2018 songs
Speechless (Robin Schulz song) en complete 4182 2018 songs
Rumor (Lee Brice song) en complete 2065 2018 songs
Ruby Ruby en complete 274 2018 songs
Roses (Benny Blanco and Juice Wrld song) en complete 11262 2018 songs
José Tomás Boves en complete 16447
Oil reserves in Kuwait en complete 19056
Oil reserves in Iraq en complete 81121
Oil reserves in Iran en complete 87419
Oil reserves in Canada en complete 123309
Oil reserves in Saudi Arabia en complete 224031
Oil reserves in Venezuela en complete 480124
Isabella Lovin en complete 42596
Green Party (Sweden) en complete 134282
Stefan Lofven en complete 378037
Amanda Lind en complete 17884
Zara Larsson en complete 2347403 Living people
Green politics en complete 290989
Archie Mountbatten-Windsor en complete 257284
Andrés Bello en complete 237316
Accounting en complete 4097533
Oak en complete 6100392
Pinophyta en complete 560715
Pine en complete 5006103
Scots pine en complete 280436
Pinus strobus en complete 264312
YooHoo to the Rescue en complete 14223 Korean television shows and series
We in the Zone en complete 975 Korean television shows and series
The Night of Hate Comments en complete 674 Korean television shows and series
Super Hearer en complete 579 Korean television shows and series
Mix Master: Final Force en complete 5923 Korean television shows and series
Little Wizard Tao en complete 6043 Korean television shows and series
List of Under Nineteen contestants en complete 2308 Korean television shows and series
I Wanna Hear Your Song en complete 1627 Korean television shows and series
Grami's Circus Show en complete 1618 Korean television shows and series
Chief of Staff (TV series) en complete 11350 Korean television shows and series
1the9 en complete 20179 Korean television shows and series
Bahamas en complete 3418416
Suriname en complete 9660011
The Beatles de complete 1422512
CRM en complete 1265354
Mastectomy en complete 3709030
Kato Svanidze en complete 185893
1907 Tiflis bank robbery en complete 138342
Etika en complete 114074
Papá Levante es complete 15096
Las Grecas es complete 51943
Aterciopelados es complete 170656
Las Migas (banda) es complete 21553
Vulpes es complete 26923
Bananarama es complete 58977
Pimpinela es complete 11579
Hulhumeedhoo en complete 3318
Massiel es complete 98147
Diving at the 2012 Summer Olympics – Women's synchronized 3 metre springboard en complete 10686 en complete 4382
Ghost restaurant en complete 21978
Köppen climate classification en complete 4608875
WhistleOut en complete 4224
Universal Chess Interface en complete 44290
Chess opening book en complete 22769
Geekbench en complete 56200
Dhrystone en complete 153844
Whetstone (benchmark) en complete 47593
Gran Hotel (TV series) en complete 168250
Wickliffe Draper en complete 7144
Juneteenth en complete 1017161
List of Indian states and union territories by GDP per capita en complete 237073
Jimmy Dorsey en complete 122434
History of Mumbai en complete 667823
History of Delhi en complete 836903
Battle of Plassey en complete 1955443
Golden Horde en complete 1275410
History of Christianity in Ukraine en complete 202328
History of Ukraine en complete 1169245
Teutonic Order en complete 1012737
Livonian Order en complete 186664
Leon Trotsky en complete 2893740
History of Estonia en complete 136513
Glasnost en complete 3085411
Perestroika en complete 4166899
Jat people en complete 446627
Empress Masako en complete 53814
Open Observatory of Network Interference en complete 143 Pages created by Sebastian Sanchez Pages created by Sebastian Sanchez in 2019 Pages created by Sebastian Sanchez in 201906
Historical negationism en complete 141156
Historical revisionism en complete 1038640
Zhengzhou simple complete 3701 Cities
Yokohama simple complete 12879 Cities
Yangon simple complete 8896 Cities
Wuhan simple complete 3529 Cities
Wenzhou simple complete 2335 Cities
Washington, D.C. simple complete 232704 Cities
Tokyo Metropolis simple complete 5737 Cities
Tianjin simple complete 9720 Cities
Tehran simple complete 22781 Cities
Taiyuan simple complete 3921 Cities
Surat simple complete 4726 Cities
Shenzhen simple complete 8240 Cities
Shenyang simple complete 5052 Cities
Shanghai simple complete 25364 Cities
Seoul simple complete 31416 Cities
Seattle simple complete 23668 Cities
São Paulo simple complete 29768 Cities
Santiago, Chile simple complete 16081 Cities
San Jose, California simple complete 15095 Cities
San Francisco simple complete 65590 Cities
San Diego, California simple complete 31861 Cities
San Antonio simple complete 9566 Cities
Saint Petersburg simple complete 45165 Cities
Riyadh simple complete 24494 Cities
Rio de Janeiro simple complete 51138 Cities
Rawalpindi simple complete 4729 Cities
Qingdao simple complete 1065 Cities
Pyongyang simple complete 12084 Cities
Pune simple complete 19218 Cities
Phoenix, Arizona simple complete 35529 Cities
Philadelphia simple complete 21510 Cities
Peshawar simple complete 6042 Cities
Paris simple complete 267550 Cities
Oakland, California simple complete 10962 Cities
Ningbo simple complete 3933 Cities
New York City simple complete 358579 Cities
New Taipei City simple complete 5267 Cities
Nanjing simple complete 11967 Cities
Nairobi simple complete 13433 Cities
Mumbai simple complete 37901 Cities
Moscow simple complete 60212 Cities
Mexico City simple complete 38390 Cities
Memphis, Tennessee simple complete 12872 Cities
Manila simple complete 13559 Cities
Madrid simple complete 59507 Cities
Los Angeles simple complete 173038 Cities
London simple complete 431696 Cities
Lima simple complete 13099 Cities
Lanzhou simple complete 1628 Cities
Lahore simple complete 14853 Cities
Lagos simple complete 11126 Cities
Kolkata simple complete 19589 Cities
Karachi simple complete 21181 Cities
Kanpur simple complete 3663 Cities
Kabul simple complete 13027 Cities
Johannesburg simple complete 15555 Cities
Jinan simple complete 4521 Cities
Jeddah simple complete 28618 Cities
Jakarta simple complete 16914 Cities
Jaipur simple complete 4590 Cities
Jacksonville, Florida simple complete 13894 Cities
Istanbul simple complete 45326 Cities
Hyderabad, India simple complete 49991 Cities
Houston simple complete 17536 Cities
Ho Chi Minh City simple complete 14360 Cities
Hefei simple complete 3139 Cities
Harbin simple complete 5814 Cities
Hanoi simple complete 11770 Cities
Hangzhou simple complete 6758 Cities
Guangzhou simple complete 8664 Cities
Giza simple complete 13738 Cities
Frankfurt simple complete 10993 Cities
Fort Worth, Texas simple complete 11127 Cities
Faisalabad simple complete 4745 Cities
El Paso, Texas simple complete 17496 Cities
Durban simple complete 8860 Cities
Dongguan simple complete 637 Cities
Dhaka simple complete 14462 Cities
Detroit simple complete 21449 Cities
Denver simple complete 15187 Cities
Delhi simple complete 18339 Cities
Dar es Salaam simple complete 15586 Cities
Dallas simple complete 13719 Cities
Dalian simple complete 856 Cities
Columbus, Ohio simple complete 17755 Cities
Chongqing simple complete 9935 Cities
Chicago simple complete 89632 Cities
Chennai simple complete 16684 Cities
Chengdu simple complete 7880 Cities
Charlotte, North Carolina simple complete 22152 Cities
Changchun simple complete 2210 Cities
Casablanca simple complete 11605 Cities
Cape Town simple complete 16062 Cities