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Page name Language Status of fetching view counts Lifetime desktop views (computed so far) Tags
Role theory en complete 98858
Volkswagen en complete 10746942
Fundamental analysis en complete 168461
Technical analysis en complete 379677
Fibonacci retracement en complete 93857
Rochdale Cenotaph en complete 8861
Tree spiking en complete 33244
Benutzer:European Networks de complete 8683
Vereinigte Staaten von Europa de complete 128623
Hanrej sv complete 15204
Hanrej da complete 6995
Aisankannattaja fi complete 12677
Vamos en complete 6359
Wikipedia:Most popular pages October 2001 en complete 580
Satanic ritual abuse en complete 2107312
McMartin preschool trial en complete 410729
False Memory Syndrome Foundation en complete 17772
Wikipedia:Multiyear ranking of most viewed pages en complete 18176
Voynich manuscript en complete 1565068
Bhagavad Gita en complete 8275552
Robert Lewandowski en complete 5159078 Living people
4:44 (album) en complete 575722
India national cricket team en complete 4687887
Flat Earth en complete 1318390
Third Iraqi–Kurdish War en complete 11832 Pages created by Ethan Bashkansky Pages created by Ethan Bashkansky in 2017 Pages created by Ethan Bashkansky in 201710
Suspected sonic attack on the United States Embassy in Havana en complete 5672 Pages created by Ethan Bashkansky Pages created by Ethan Bashkansky in 2017 Pages created by Ethan Bashkansky in 201710
Nicholas Rasmussen en complete 3432 Living people Pages created by Ethan Bashkansky Pages created by Ethan Bashkansky in 2017 Pages created by Ethan Bashkansky in 201702
March 2017 Israel–Syria incident en complete 16543 Pages created by Ethan Bashkansky Pages created by Ethan Bashkansky in 2017 Pages created by Ethan Bashkansky in 201703
Hi-Five (Israeli band) en complete 335 Pages created by Ethan Bashkansky Pages created by Ethan Bashkansky in 2017 Pages created by Ethan Bashkansky in 201707
Government negotiation with terrorists en complete 2744 Pages created by Ethan Bashkansky Pages created by Ethan Bashkansky in 2017 Pages created by Ethan Bashkansky in 201702
Assassination attempts against George W. Bush en complete 1767 Pages created by Ethan Bashkansky Pages created by Ethan Bashkansky in 2017 Pages created by Ethan Bashkansky in 201701
2017 Iraqi–Kurdish conflict en complete 25854 Pages created by Ethan Bashkansky Pages created by Ethan Bashkansky in 2017
14 October 2017 Mogadishu bombings en complete 18442 Pages created by Ethan Bashkansky Pages created by Ethan Bashkansky in 2017 Pages created by Ethan Bashkansky in 201710
Everton F.C. en complete 1977263
Saint Patrick en complete 8408345
Romelu Lukaku en complete 5653597 Living people
The Simpsons en complete 33246377
The Clash en complete 8708479
Deep Purple en complete 11297817
Motörhead en complete 7600385
Chris Cornell en complete 3959206
List of original programs distributed by Facebook Watch en complete 2127
Robin Hood en complete 13282163
Piers Plowman en complete 120967
Norna-Gests þáttr en complete 6940
Þiðrekssaga en complete 7565
Völsunga saga en complete 105764
Prose Edda en complete 167011
Pharaoh (Old English poem) en complete 2485
Finnesburg Fragment en complete 14375
Yasna Haptanghaiti en complete 11449
Zoroaster en complete 3556142
Dream team en complete 1056048
1992 United States men's Olympic basketball team en complete 826712
Fire and Fury en complete 5173
Vasco da Gama en complete 7192309
Ferdinand Magellan en complete 8631407
Amerigo Vespucci en complete 4525551
Free Basics en complete 30440 Pages created by Vipul Naik Pages created by Vipul Naik in 2014 Pages created by Vipul Naik in 201401
Republic of Macedonia en complete 2411228
2017–18 Iranian protests en complete 45760
Mercedes-Benz en complete 1995164
Audi en complete 10895304
Mercedes-Benz ru complete 668481
Porsche ru complete 320448
Audi ru complete 313591
BMW ru complete 534253
BMW en complete 18485189
Louise Weber nl complete 1189
Breviarium van Matthias Corvinus nl complete 104
Wenceslaus-Bijbel nl complete 158
Spiegel Historiael (kroniek) nl complete 4625
Ragnarok en complete 6193269
Stray Kids (TV series) en complete 5554 Korean television shows and series
Second 20s en complete 683 Korean television shows and series
Return (TV series) en complete 843 Korean television shows and series
Radio Romance (TV series) en complete 4344 Korean television shows and series
Oh My Ghost (TV series) en complete 3178 Korean television shows and series
My Secret Romance en complete 492963 Korean television shows and series
My Mister en complete 2961 Korean television shows and series
My First Love (TV series) en complete 723 Korean television shows and series
Mother (South Korean TV series) en complete 1433 Korean television shows and series
Legend of the Blue Sea en complete 23306 Korean television shows and series
Kang's Kitchen en complete 3145 Korean television shows and series
Happy Sisters en complete 1316 Korean television shows and series
Doctors (2016 TV series) en complete 834274 Korean television shows and series
List of most-viewed YouTube videos en complete 495890
2017 Iranian protests en complete 25412 Pages created by Ethan Bashkansky Pages created by Ethan Bashkansky in 2017 Pages created by Ethan Bashkansky in 201712
Вооружённые силы Австрии ru complete 31933
Вооружённые силы Швейцарии ru complete 62260
Силы обороны Ирландии ru complete 13563
Вооружённые силы Новой Зеландии ru complete 12126
Сухопутные войска Австралии ru complete 1318
Американский вариант английского языка ru complete 106904
Британский вариант английского языка ru complete 23531
Новозеландский вариант английского языка ru complete 11660
Гиберно-английский ru complete 7742
Австралийский вариант английского языка ru complete 61109
Канадский вариант английского языка ru complete 17492
Paul Martin en complete 305992 Living people
Malcolm Turnbull en complete 1363018 Living people
Kevin Rudd en complete 3726102 Living people
Theresa May en complete 3877472 Living people
American English en complete 4403211
British English en complete 3121332
Irish-English en complete 468
Irish English en complete 27673
Canadian English en complete 2043910
New Zealand English en complete 195212
Australian English en complete 2204860
Hiberno-English en complete 1261235
Indian English en complete 1985953
Singapore English en complete 97522
South African English en complete 188728
Hong Kong English en complete 464791
American passport en complete 7365
Indian passport en complete 322390
Global Health Council en complete 5281
বাংলাদেশ bn complete 142057
Bangladesh bn complete 9663
Figging en complete 289761
Атланта ru complete 212443
New York (state) en complete 1080738
New York English en complete 1022
Форт-Лодердейл ru complete 41122
Меркель, Ангела ru complete 786715
Президент Австрии ru complete 18122
Федеральный совет Швейцарии ru complete 27480
Bundespräsident (Deutschland) de complete 1388495
Bundeskanzler (Deutschland) de complete 1248347
Bundeskanzler (Österreich) de complete 162019
Bundespräsident (Österreich) de complete 347299
Bundespräsident (Schweiz) de complete 95804
Bundesrat (Schweiz) de complete 288146
Vice President of the United States en complete 1464654
Speaker of the United States House of Representatives en complete 5212121
Chief Justice of the United States en complete 4287655
Deputy President of South Africa en complete 33959
Speaker of the National Assembly of South Africa en complete 10685
Chief Justice of South Africa en complete 15634
Monarchy of the United Kingdom en complete 928058
Monarchy of Canada en complete 578011
Chief Justice of Canada en complete 187317
Governor General of Canada en complete 2254596
Monarchy of Australia en complete 225029
Governor-General of Australia en complete 1147385
Deputy Prime Minister of Australia en complete 56319
Chief Justice of Australia en complete 37340
President of the Senate (Australia) en complete 6175
Speaker of the Australian House of Representatives en complete 49741
Prime Minister of New Zealand en complete 252367
Monarchy of New Zealand en complete 108217
Governor-General of New Zealand en complete 100813
Chief Justice of New Zealand en complete 15265
President of Ireland en complete 299935
Taoiseach en complete 617897
Tánaiste en complete 75645
United States beef imports in South Korea en complete 5036
Chojoongdong en complete 6712
Efforts to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act en complete 20029 Pages created by Ethan Bashkansky Pages created by Ethan Bashkansky in 2017 Pages created by Ethan Bashkansky in 201701
Британская монархия ru complete 136734
Федеральный президент ФРГ ru complete 81337
Канадская монархия ru complete 36131
Список королей Испании ru complete 69556
Председатель правительства Испании ru complete 17833
Transformative research en complete 8514
Колорадо ru complete 185437
Lord of the rings en complete 3268577
Нью-Йорк (штат) ru complete 263117
Манхэттен ru complete 314781
Малибу (город) ru complete 69234
Truthiness en complete 163692
Richard Arkwright junior en complete 4227
Learning to rank en complete 165226
Multilevel model en complete 247393
AlphaZero en complete 26440 Pages created by Ethan Bashkansky Pages created by Ethan Bashkansky in 2017 Pages created by Ethan Bashkansky in 201712
Elmo (shogi engine) en complete 1384 Pages created by Ethan Bashkansky Pages created by Ethan Bashkansky in 2017 Pages created by Ethan Bashkansky in 201712
The Voice (U.S. TV series) en complete 3211135
Miami Dolphins en complete 762736
Miami Marlins en complete 468212
Florida Panthers en complete 406753
West Country men tr complete 223
Wallis Simpson tr complete 9791
Vuni tr complete 1182
Uzun Yol tr complete 134
Trinity Koleji, Cambridge tr complete 832
Trapezius tr complete 166
The Mirisch Corporation tr complete 137
Strovolos tr complete 726
St. Hilarion Kalesi tr complete 423
Sinir tr complete 3209
Sakrum tr complete 334
Sainsbury's tr complete 224
Safra yolu tr complete 226
Russell Carpenter tr complete 327
Riyad el-Esed tr complete 286
Prayuth Chan-ocha tr complete 5023
Portal ven tr complete 343
Oganesson tr complete 268
Norodom Sihanouk tr complete 2373
Necdet Numan tr complete 114
Musculus supraspinatus tr complete 1406
Mehmet Akif Caddesi tr complete 450
Medyan sinir tr complete 3998
Margaret Brown tr complete 2013
Mange tr complete 169
Litvanya mitolojisi tr complete 148
Lidocaine tr complete 8702
Latissimus dorsi tr complete 275
Kraliyet kolonisi tr complete 1759
Kolesistokinin tr complete 885
Kladogenez tr complete 293
Khmerler tr complete 859
Khmerce tr complete 4180
Katharine Way tr complete 131
Kantara Kalesi tr complete 3194
Kanal T tr complete 4196
Kanal Sim tr complete 628
Kamran Aziz tr complete 1847
Imperial College London tr complete 670
Hexakosioihexekontahexafobi tr complete 1532
HD 40307 tr complete 404
Grigoriopol rayonu tr complete 411
Frances Fisher tr complete 1414
Fossa Cubiti tr complete 1270
Flexor carpi ulnaris tr complete 299
Es-Seyyid Mehmed Emin Efendi tr complete 616
Epik film tr complete 2431
En Marche! tr complete 229
El Bireh tr complete 308
East India Company tr complete 3410
Depozisyon tr complete 2032
Brigitte Kieffer tr complete 103
Barcelona (il) tr complete 338
Balfour Deklarasyonu, 1917 tr complete 123
Azavad tr complete 3312
Ayia Varvara tr complete 211
Aksiyon potansiyel tr complete 11453
Akhelia tr complete 219
Agia Marinouda tr complete 151
Agia Marina Kelokedaron tr complete 135
Agia Marina Chrysochous tr complete 159
1953 Baf depremi tr complete 410
1905 Kangra depremi tr complete 425
Zeynep Kuray en complete 1269 Living people
Yakup I of Germiyan en complete 979
Venetian walls of Nicosia en complete 12367
Vedia Barut en complete 258
Turkish settlers in Northern Cyprus en complete 8330
Sokulluzade Hasan Pasha en complete 1277
Siber cabinet en complete 135
Saint Sophia Cathedral, Nicosia en complete 632
Ruins of Soli en complete 106
Ruins of Salamis en complete 128
Rebirth Party (Northern Cyprus) en complete 674
Pertek Castle en complete 1564
People's Party (Northern Cyprus) en complete 1701
Pembe Marmara en complete 1241
Palazzo del Provveditore en complete 1092
Nikolina Angelkova en complete 168
Nicosia Turkish Municipality en complete 4052
Nicosia Post Office en complete 931
Nicosia Municipal Theater en complete 861
Nicosia Municipal Orchestra en complete 663
Nezihe Araz en complete 5514
Newspaper documentation of the Assyrian Genocide en complete 453
Neten Zangmo en complete 133
Nestorian Church (Famagusta) en complete 5162
Momoe Malietoa Von Reiche en complete 161
Mevlevi Tekke Museum en complete 828
May 2016 Gaziantep bombing en complete 7514
March 2016 Istanbul bombing en complete 102942
March 2016 Ankara bombing en complete 134861
Mandres, Nicosia en complete 203
Mandres, Cyprus en complete 845
Lusignan House en complete 2288
List of mayors of Nicosia Municipality en complete 1137
List of cabinets of Northern Cyprus en complete 1146
List of beaches in Northern Cyprus en complete 1139
List of Turkish-language writers en complete 438
Lefke District en complete 1926
Lefke en complete 993
Lefkaritika en complete 1776
Law Courts, Nicosia en complete 1234
Lake Mogotoyevo en complete 1982
Kyrenia Gate en complete 5128
Koz Castle en complete 2348
Kirklar en complete 121
Kamran Aziz en complete 18560
Kalyoncu cabinet en complete 571
Kaleburnu en complete 128
Istanbul New Years nightclub attack en complete 169
Imperial School of Military Engineering en complete 694
Ibrahim Aziz (Cyprus) en complete 156
Human rights in Trinidad and Tobago en complete 4435
Human rights in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines en complete 1912
Hasan Tahsin (poet) en complete 442
Gunilla Marxer-Kranz en complete 138
Great Madrasah en complete 859
Folkart Towers en complete 11554
Fikri Karayel en complete 2159 Living people
February 2016 Homs bombings en complete 13239
Faneromeni Square Nicosia en complete 763
Embargo against Northern Cyprus en complete 12258
Eaved House en complete 737
Diyalog en complete 919
Districts of Northern Cyprus en complete 11595
Dervish Pasha Mansion en complete 1577
Dereboyu Avenue en complete 2751
December 2016 Istanbul bombing en complete 3056
Datin Hajah Adina binti Othman en complete 101
Cumhuriyet Park en complete 1192
Council of Ministers (Northern Cyprus) en complete 3280
Child marriage in Turkey en complete 5785
Cerattepe en complete 1972
Cabinet of Northern Cyprus en complete 3259
British University of Nicosia en complete 4245
Birinci Lig en complete 7532
Bedrettin Demirel Avenue en complete 1528
Bedesten, Nicosia en complete 4164
Bayraktar Mosque en complete 643
Autonomous Turkish Cypriot Administration en complete 6598
Archaeological Site of Enkomi en complete 117
Arabahmet Mosque en complete 1538
Antiphonitis Monastery en complete 125
Antifonitis en complete 133
Akkavuk Masjid en complete 833
Administrative divisions of Nicosia en complete 3254
Abortion in Northern Cyprus en complete 10467
2016 Bursa bombing en complete 9193
17 December Istanbul bombings en complete 188
14th Parliament of Northern Cyprus en complete 869
13th Parliament of Northern Cyprus en complete 360
12th Parliament of Northern Cyprus en complete 255
Eroto-comatose lucidity en complete 124249
Non-penetrative sex en complete 9082189
Igor Grabar nl complete 140
List of unsolved problems in mathematics en complete 839087
Tunku Iskandar Abdul Jalil Abu Bakar Ibrahim en complete 1692
Prince Gabriel, Duke of Dalarna en complete 25908
Jigme Namgyel Wangchuck en complete 77717 Living people
Prince Oscar, Duke of Skåne en complete 127986 Living people
Prince Liam of Nassau en complete 10925 Living people
Prince Nicolas, Duke of Ångermanland en complete 120089 Living people
Taufaʻahau Manumataongo en complete 39345 Living people
Blue Ivy Carter en complete 23776
Lorena Queiroz en complete 1392 Living people
Maria and Teresa Tapia en complete 26021 Living people
Simon Pineda en complete 240
Joseph Maraachli case en complete 78199
Louis, Duke of Burgundy (b. 2010) en complete 49980
Draft:Kizuna Ai en complete 780
Disappearance of Lisa Irwin en complete 83708
Florence Cameron en complete 14716
Xia Vigor en complete 39315 Living people
Samaya Clark-Gabriel en complete 426 Living people
Sky Metalwala en complete 645
Matin Rey Tangu en complete 26857 Living people
Kim Kang-hoon en complete 4039 Living people
Kiana of Nishapur en complete 1666
Ayelet Galena en complete 25244
Kokoro Terada en complete 2569 Living people
Raja Azlan Muzzaffar Shah en complete 384
Prince Aristidis-Stavros of Greece and Denmark en complete 16053 Living people
Yuvina Parthavi en complete 70432 Living people
Princess Milena of Montenegro en complete 10229 Living people
Deric McCabe en complete 9882
Raikko Mateo en complete 18618 Living people
Harper and Finley Lockwood en complete 27400 Living people
Gordey Kolesov en complete 3747 Living people
Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston en complete 10630 Living people
Moon Mason en complete 164527 Living people
Lance Lucido en complete 14204 Living people
Prince Lerotholi Seeiso en complete 113171 Living people
Allison Wyatt en complete 3807
Konomi Watanabe en complete 3700 Living people
Trinitee Stokes en complete 12360 Living people
Avielle Richman en complete 2087
Jessica Rekos en complete 2429
Caroline Previdi en complete 1842
Noah Pozner en complete 6239
Emilie Parker en complete 4481
Death of Baby P en complete 203835
Mutya Orquia en complete 131814 Living people
Muhammad Huzair Awan en complete 1091 Living people
James Mattioli en complete 2113
Victoria Martens en complete 446
Ana Marquez-Greene en complete 2460
María José Mariscal en complete 16837 Living people
Hilde Lysiak en complete 5775 Living people
Sam Lavagnino en complete 62212 Living people
Kim Su-an en complete 120040 Living people
Kal So-won en complete 263373 Living people
Cris and Cru Kahui homicides en complete 85432
Catherine Hubbard en complete 1273
Madeleine Hsu en complete 1422
Krista and Tatiana Hogan en complete 105797 Living people
Dylan Hockley en complete 1414
Olivia Engel en complete 3459
Murder of Ellie Butler en complete 5291
Death of Luke Borusiewicz en complete 2311
Lulu Wilson en complete 50784 Living people
Jillian Ward en complete 146474 Living people
Paris Talley en complete 149
Rio Suzuki en complete 13616 Living people
Reet Sharma en complete 10697 Living people
Hanzala Shahid en complete 1907 Living people
Murder of Riley Ann Sawyers en complete 55628
Praggnanandhaa Rameshbabu en complete 27934
Federico Porras Jr. en complete 2234 Living people
Prince Nicolas of Belgium en complete 120698 Living people
Veronica Moser-Sullivan en complete 2596
Connor Michalek en complete 220934
Grace McDonnell en complete 4806
Mariam Mamadashvili en complete 11129 Living people
Sonali Majumdar en complete 43798 Living people
Maximillian Lu en complete 5361 Living people
Exodus Lale en complete 2460 Living people
Chase Kowalski en complete 1996
Kim Ji-young (actress born 2005) en complete 38916 Living people
Sreya Jayadeep en complete 33182 Living people
Zymic Jaranilla en complete 2224 Living people
Ishita Katyal en complete 3632 Living people
Hwang Min-woo en complete 172869 Living people
Jack Hoffman en complete 44862 Living people
Anthony Gonzalez (actor) en complete 75023
Josephine Gay en complete 3172
Hunter Fischer en complete 805 Living people
Gigi Cesarè en complete 247
Murder of Francesca Bimpson en complete 2609
Daniel Barden en complete 3425
Alexandra Trusova en complete 9645
Krisia Todorova en complete 66075 Living people
Anastasia Tarakanova en complete 4660
Kanon Tani en complete 11448 Living people
Jona Soquite en complete 436 Living people
Nihal Sarin en complete 17941 Living people
Sanoop Santhosh en complete 57599 Living people
Sahil Saeed en complete 924 Living people
Mohammad Sahil Saeed en complete 1847
Hayden Rolence en complete 78740 Living people
Martin William Richard en complete 6593
Robby Novak en complete 161077 Living people
Shahan Ali Mohsin en complete 1545 Living people
Moa Iwano en complete 421
Vishal Krishna (2004 Actor) en complete 125
Xyriel Manabat en complete 234106 Living people
Mel Maia en complete 19020 Living people
Princess Louise of Belgium (born 2004) en complete 1275 Living people
Sarah Charles Lewis en complete 12234 Living people
Seiran Kobayashi en complete 8872 Living people
Elliot Kerley en complete 2769 Living people
Peyton Kennedy en complete 5414 Living people
Kartikey Malviya en complete 11548 Living people
Karl-Konstantin von Habsburg en complete 24936 Living people
Noah Jupe en complete 37593
Shubham Jaglan en complete 10785 Living people
Hunter Payton en complete 590 Living people