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Page nameCount in year 2019Count in year 2018Count in year 2017Count in year 2016Count in year 2015Count in year 2014Count in year 2013Count in year 2012Count in year 2011Count in year 2010Count in year 2009Count in year 2008Count in year 2007TotalPercentageTags
Ratatouille129K133K143K252K287K375K509K534K466K427K402K490K52K4.2M30.3Eggplant dishes
Baba ghanoush75K92K109K131K178K253K455K471K358K365K395K239K7.2K3.1M22.6Eggplant dishes
Moussaka70K94K109K128K165K199K352K308K265K234K186K133K3K2.2M16.2Eggplant dishes
Parmigiana26K35K39K48K57K75K120K128K117K99K78K46K3.4K871K6.3Eggplant dishes
Caponata19K24K29K35K47K62K99K110K77K79K62K36K1.4K680K4.9Eggplant dishes
Ajvar41K47K49K48K48K59K77K71K62K59K43K35K1.7K641K4.6Eggplant dishes
Confit byaldi32K48K50K52K45K59K56K49K51K51K61K45K4.9K604K4.4Eggplant dishes
Pisto9.2K12K13K15K16K18K22K22K18K15K16K11K455187K1.4Eggplant dishes
Eggplant salads and appetizers6.8K12K12K13K16K19K18K20K18K15K12K5.4K0168K1.2Eggplant dishes
Pasta alla Norma17K17K17K18K20K22K20K11K5.3K7366233465149K1.1Eggplant dishes
Rollatini4.4K5.3K6.6K8.1K9.3K12K16K18K15K12K13K10K330131K0.9Eggplant dishes
Escalivada6.2K7.7K9.7K9.2K11K13K15K13K11K9.3K8.7K6.6K262120K0.9Eggplant dishes
Baingan bharta9.9K12K12K13K19K19K12K1.5K1.2K1.1K9771.9K112104K0.8Eggplant dishes
List of eggplant dishes8.8K9.7K12K12K13K6.7K000000061K0.4Eggplant dishes
Kyopolou6.8K5.2K5.6K6K7.6K9.2K5K5.1K5.2K4.1K900118161K0.4Eggplant dishes
Alinazik kebab2.5K2.8K3.6K4.4K6.4K9.3K7.7K9K6.7K5.7K1.2K15059K0.4Eggplant dishes
Baghara baingan1.5K2.8K3.4K3.9K5.5K7.7K5.2K4.8K3.2K4.2K3.2K3K19149K0.4Eggplant dishes
Pindjur7.3K6.8K7K7.5K7.2K5.4K1.3K1.3K1.3K9449637393348K0.3Eggplant dishes
Beguni2.4K2.3K3K3.2K3.6K5.2K4.5K5.2K4.3K5.6K4.1K2.6K12646K0.3Eggplant dishes
Ajapsandali3.9K4.5K5.2K5K5.4K4.3K3.7K3.7K2.7K55112013039K0.3Eggplant dishes
Fried eggplant2.4K3.1K3.4K2.6K1.5K2.5K1.7K2K2.9K3.4K5.9K7.3K35339K0.3Eggplant dishes
Tombet3.1K3.5K3.9K4.3K3.8K5.5K4.3K4.9K1.6K102430035K0.3Eggplant dishes Potato dishes
Tepsi Baytinijan1.4K1.7K2.3K2.9K3.2K3.2K4.4K2.9K2.5K2.4K2.6K2.5K032K0.2Eggplant dishes
Malidzano2.1K2.2K2K2.1K3K3.8K3.3K3.4K3K2.1K134110027K0.2Eggplant dishes
Mirza Ghassemi4.5K4.5K5K3.6K4K0112400022K0.2Eggplant dishes
Dahi baigana1.4K1.2K1.6K1.8K2.6K3.4K2.6K3.4K2.7K76700021K0.2Eggplant dishes
Zaalouk2.9K3.3K3K3K2.4K8309521.1K1.3K1.1K1698020K0.1Eggplant dishes
Stuffed eggplant2.3K2.5K3K3K3.5K2.7K54451633125017K0.1Eggplant dishes
Israeli eggplant salad2.8K3.1K2.7K2.6K3.5K2.5K001000017K0.1Eggplant dishes
Badrijani2.1K2.3K2.2K1.8K2K1.6K29214020012K0.1Eggplant dishes
Eggplant papucaki1.4K1.2K1.6K1.8K2.4K2.9K000000011K0.1Eggplant dishes
Di san xian4371.3K1.4K1.7K2.2K1.5K20000008.6K0.1Eggplant dishes
Kashk e badamjan5396578242K1.5K81400000006.3K0Eggplant dishes

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