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Views until June 2015 for desktop come from and include bot pageviews, while those from July 2015 are from the Wikimedia REST API and exclude identifiable bots and spiders (but may still end up counting many views by bots and spiders as legitimate human views). Views for mobile web, mobile app, desktop spider, and mobile web spider are from the Wikimedia REST API and available starting July 2015. Mobile web and mobile app views from July 2015 onward exclude identifiable bots, and "desktop spider" and "mobile web spider" are basically all the bots/spiders (excluding Wikipedia's own, which get identified as bots).

Statistics are obtained from and the Wikimedia REST API. For maximal speed and efficiency, we store the results of past queries in a local database, and we first check with our internal database before querying the server. This page concentrates on what the statistics mean, building on information at the about page.

Time-granularity of data

For a full timeline of the various dumps and how they evolved, see timeline of Wikimedia analytics. Although the page was primarily written by Issa Rice, its creation was assisted and financially supported by Vipul Naik, the creator of Wikipedia Views.

Concept of page and view

Investigating anomalous page view numbers

Use the following diagnostics if the pageview counts you see are anomalously low.

Use the following diagnostics if the pageview counts you see are anomalously high.

Interested more in Wikipedia pageviews?

You might like to read this blog post on the decline in Wikipedia pageviews over time, written based on data collated by Wikipedia Views. A shorter version was published on LessWrong.