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Page nameCount in year 2019Count in year 2018Count in year 2017Count in year 2016Count in year 2015Count in year 2014Count in year 2013Count in year 2012Count in year 2011Count in year 2010Count in year 2009Count in year 2008Count in year 2007TotalPercentageTags
Life expectancy339K398K412K442K550K1.2M1.1M1.1M1M1M909K755K34K9.2M15.3Population ethics
Thomas Robert Malthus187K218K223K333K318K425K569K582K565K483K217K11K5344.1M6.9Population ethics
Human overpopulation214K506K1.2M864K375K464K369K1.2K667621082304M6.7Population ethics
Permaculture171K172K199K235K295K384K496K437K389K389K337K256K9.9K3.8M6.3Population ethics
Quality of life180K193K210K233K282K359K415K419K422K382K315K299K16K3.7M6.2Population ethics
Friends of the Earth34K37K36K36K151K1.4M1.5M60K51K46K42K45K2.4K3.5M5.8Population ethics
Parental leave124K128K111K157K250K276K491K384K336K312K163K129K5K2.9M4.8Population ethics
Family planning82K99K111K135K172K256K267K278K257K311K245K171K4K2.4M4Population ethics
Carrying capacity88K91K100K120K143K210K289K288K265K277K222K184K8.6K2.3M3.8Population ethics
Survivalism80K114K129K109K136K185K242K294K206K229K228K226K15K2.2M3.6Population ethics
Malthusian catastrophe63K72K83K112K162K209K225K233K266K259K256K237K12K2.2M3.6Population ethics
Standard of living65K79K103K117K139K202K256K271K256K285K198K206K10K2.2M3.6Population ethics
Maximum life span85K105K122K131K142K182K204K233K234K213K165K123K6.1K1.9M3.2Population ethics
Population decline86K82K83K91K110K133K144K135K140K136K72K55K2.2K1.3M2.1Population ethics
Malthusianism108K113K178K116K135K164K146K118K78K31K28K22K1.4K1.2M2.1Population ethics
An Essay on the Principle of Population57K117K105K87K112K121K107K94K91K105K64K49K1.8K1.1M1.8Books Population ethics
Voluntary Human Extinction Movement52K66K51K72K164K82K86K226K59K53K77K76K2.7K1.1M1.8Population ethics
Antinatalism127K118K111K94K120K99K84K76K50K37K25K16K324957K1.6Population ethics
Paul R. Ehrlich60K60K62K63K78K77K86K80K78K89K90K71K2.7K895K1.5High-technology business districts Living people Population ethics
The Population Bomb48K50K46K49K62K72K78K71K83K88K61K49K2.6K759K1.3Books Population ethics
Nick Bostrom95K82K89K90K79K61K41K45K29K28K27K23K1.7K690K1.1Living people Population ethics
Bernard Williams40K42K47K51K56K61K66K68K63K62K53K48K3.2K660K1.1Population ethics
Derek Parfit43K47K91K46K57K66K61K61K66K44K38K31K1.9K653K1.1Population ethics
Natalism30K27K29K33K45K46K50K59K48K48K76K38K1.2K530K0.9Population ethics
Child benefit22K24K28K32K41K53K61K63K58K51K26K23K871484K0.8Population ethics
Malthusian trap45K44K38K40K48K72K50K34K28K14K2.8K2.9K261418K0.7Population ethics
Minimum viable population28K32K37K37K42K46K36K32K27K30K20K16K1K384K0.6Population ethics
Henry Sidgwick21K22K25K25K28K34K31K33K31K33K28K21K1.1K332K0.6Population ethics
Cornucopian12K12K14K20K21K31K38K43K46K35K26K26K1.5K326K0.5Population ethics
Optimum population13K12K16K23K27K33K31K29K30K69K18K14K646315K0.5Population ethics
Progress and Poverty30K34K25K24K27K30K29K27K24K24K20K17K580313K0.5Books Population ethics
Julian Simon17K17K16K20K32K27K33K34K32K28K17K9.4K501282K0.5American libertarians Population ethics University of Chicago alumni
Baby bonus13K13K15K21K25K32K35K32K26K24K21K8.6K193265K0.4Population ethics
Leon Kass11K13K13K14K19K23K28K27K26K26K28K25K1.1K254K0.4Living people Population ethics University of Chicago alumni
David Benatar34K39K37K23K28K24K15K15K9.7K9.9K6.7K2.6K2245K0.4Living people Population ethics
Doomer115K6.7K4.1K4.5K5.9K8.9K11K14K15K15K13K9K107222K0.4Population ethics
Mere addition paradox13K13K14K18K17K15K11K16K17K18K19K25K618197K0.3Population ethics
Peter Wessel Zapffe21K21K20K20K22K21K15K13K12K12K9.6K5.6K336192K0.3Population ethics
T. M. Scanlon30K36K14K12K13K15K16K15K13K10K5.6K3.5K196184K0.3Living people Population ethics
The Ultimate Resource7.6K7.2K8.5K12K15K18K13K13K16K40K12K9.1K170172K0.3Books Population ethics
Reasons and Persons12K14K23K15K16K14K13K14K20K11K8K6.7K392166K0.3Books Population ethics
Simon%E2%80%93Ehrlich wager100012K25K28K30K38K17K000148K0.2Population ethics
Ronald Bailey5.7K5.2K7.7K9.1K9.8K11K11K11K9.7K12K11K8.7K495114K0.2American libertarians Living people Population ethics
Tax on childlessness9.6K9K11K13K15K18K14K9.5K1.6K6.7K000107K0.2Population ethics
The Last Messiah8.9K8.8K8.2K9.5K12K15K7.6K6.2K5.5K5.6K4.4K8501093K0.2Population ethics
Prioritarianism5.6K6.3K7.7K8.8K9.8K8.5K8.2K11K11K8.1K4.5K1.2K090K0.1Population ethics
What a Way to Go: Life at the End of Empire3.9K3.1K3.4K3.5K5.3K8K7.3K9.8K11K12K9.8K9.4K27986K0.1Population ethics
Average and total utilitarianism5.6K7.7K8.9K7.9K6.8K6.4K6.9K6.2K4.9K5.3K3.4K1.6K072K0.1Population ethics
Bachelor tax9K9K9.1K12K13K12K3.7K531120067K0.1Population ethics
On What Matters6.2K7.1K11K6.4K6.9K8.8K9.6K6.4K2.2K000065K0.1Books Population ethics
Population ethics8K5.9K6.2K11K9.7K6K1.7K1.9K1.7K1.9K1.5K752056K0.1Population ethics
Anne H. Ehrlich3.8K4.1K3.8K4K5.4K5.5K6.3K5.7K5.3K4.4K5.2K2.9K10756K0.1Living people Population ethics
Ethics (journal)3.9K4.1K3.7K3.5K3.6K4.4K3.2K4.8K6.1K3K3.1K3.1K1.8K48K0.1Population ethics
Potential person2.1K2.4K3.1K4K4.7K5.8K6.2K5.8K2.6K4.1K01041K0.1Population ethics
Toby Ord4.2K4.6K5.5K5.2K6K4.1K3.9K2.2K77142122037K0.1Effective altruism Living people People involved with effective altruism Population ethics
John Broome (philosopher)2.8K2.2K2.3K2.6K3.7K4.2K3.3K3.3K2.6K2.8K2.6K2.1K11435K0.1Living people Population ethics
Larry Temkin2.4K2.6K2.7K2.5K3.6K3.5K4.1K3.9K2.6K35511028K0Living people Population ethics
Malthusian League2.2K2.1K2.7K2.7K4K3.9K3.6K3.5K1.8K003026K0Population ethics
Mean life span5235337827501.2K1.6K1.2K1.6K1.5K1.9K2K4.4K9518K0Population ethics
Samuel Scheffler3.6K4.5K3.4K3K1.5K238273290279441188117K0Living people Population ethics

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