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Views until June 2015 for desktop come from and include bot pageviews, while those from July 2015 are from the Wikimedia REST API and exclude identifiable bots and spiders (but may still end up counting many views by bots and spiders as legitimate human views). Views for mobile web, mobile app, desktop spider, and mobile web spider are from the Wikimedia REST API and available starting July 2015. Mobile web and mobile app views from July 2015 onward exclude identifiable bots, and "desktop spider" and "mobile web spider" are basically all the bots/spiders (excluding Wikipedia's own, which get identified as bots).

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Page nameCount in year 2019Count in year 2018Count in year 2017Count in year 2016Count in year 2015Count in year 2014Count in year 2013Count in year 2012Count in year 2011Count in year 2010Count in year 2009Count in year 2008Count in year 2007TotalPercentageTags
Red (color)1K4K5.1K7K014K17K17K15K28K11K8.9K486129K67.6Pages that redirect to Red
Redness12664950961102.4K2.2K2.6K2.5K2.4K2.8K3.4K3120K10.6Pages that redirect to Red
Red (Colour)3101558702.5K3.3K3.9K3K2.2K1.5K1.3K7818K9.6Pages that redirect to Red
Color red5823425623301.7K2.3K2.6K1.5K1.8K67692611K6Pages that redirect to Red
List of terms associated with the color red3512012623705753554543182241417952.7K1.4Pages that redirect to Red
Reddest33131948403512603051952921859572K1.1Pages that redirect to Red
Reddens26115634102382432262214352707292K1Pages that redirect to Red
Aztec red738453301563102871991639812281.5K0.8Pages that redirect to Red
Firebrick red104648560229159192217101737151.2K0.6Pages that redirect to Red
FF0000431261175205489100152114482128820.5Pages that redirect to Red
Color/red318713002612389461282508110.4Pages that redirect to Red
Rgb(255, 0, 0)11633821056200000006950.4Pages that redirect to Red
(255, 0, 0)1062301205900000001730.1Pages that redirect to Red

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