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Views until June 2015 for desktop come from and include bot pageviews, while those from July 2015 are from the Wikimedia REST API and exclude identifiable bots and spiders (but may still end up counting many views by bots and spiders as legitimate human views). Views for mobile web, mobile app, desktop spider, and mobile web spider are from the Wikimedia REST API and available starting July 2015. Mobile web and mobile app views from July 2015 onward exclude identifiable bots, and "desktop spider" and "mobile web spider" are basically all the bots/spiders (excluding Wikipedia's own, which get identified as bots).

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Tag name and drilldownCount in year 2020Percentage
Pages created by Vipul Naik, drilldown desktop2.6M39.2
Pages created by Vipul Naik, drilldown mobile-web2.9M42.8
Pages created by Vipul Naik, drilldown mobile-app66K1
Pages created by Vipul Naik, drilldown desktop-spider1M15.5
Pages created by Vipul Naik, drilldown mobile-web-spider110K1.6

Distribution of pageviews; each bar represents a combination of tag, language, and drilldown, showing labels as there are 30 or fewer items, using bars as there are 50 or fewer items (underlying CSV using pipe (|) as separator)
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